G and the dogs

“I feel the need to express my great thanks to George for taking such good care of my dogs. They are older dogs, one blind and diabetic, so they need constant care, medicine, and affection. I always worry and fret over leaving them in incapable hands. I had nothing to worry about this time though! He did such a wonderful job making them feel loved and well taken care of over the holidays. He had no problem giving medicine, insulin shots, fun walks, cuddles, and love. I am so happy with job he did. Thanks George, I will definitely be calling again!!” Kody S.

“We used George’s pet sitting services for our 2 dogs on the 4th of July, we were out of town for the day.  They did an outstanding job!! They took very good care of my dogs during their in home visit. They even sent me a text to let me know how my boys were doing!!! We will definitely be using them again in the future, and I highly recommend them for your pet sitting needs.” Shawna E.

“We have a cat (Casper) and a dog (Sancho). Our fur babies are family. We love them so much. Whenever we have gone out of town, we have boarded them at a local pet resort. Although we have been very happy with the pet resort, we wanted to try leaving them at home with a pet sitter to avoid unnecessary stress. However, finding someone who we could trust not only with our pets but also our home was not easy. I first heard about George through my running group. George’s wife belongs to my running group. I figured we would give him a try. We were not expecting to be blown away! George came to our home for a meet and greet and we were super impressed by him. He was very well organized and answered all of our questions and eased our concerns. He took notes and went over everything! One of the things that made us feel more comfortable was that he was bonded and insured. A concern of mine was how Sancho would react when George came into our home without us being home. Turns out Sancho loves him! Since then we have used George multiple times and we could not be more pleased with his services. Not only does he care for our pets, he also picks up poop, picks up mail, waters plants, takes out trash and more! We are so happy to have found him! We highly recommend George’s Pet Sitting and we will continue to use his services. Thank-you George!” Laura J.

“Hi George, Auggie had emergency surgery Sat night for a blockage high in his intestines…he was starting to decline quickly. He ate something but we couldn’t tell what it was. Good thing you noticed something wasn’t right. He’s home now and up to his old antics. Thanks for everything. You saved his life!” Darlene

“My daughter and I (who live next door to each other) have 7 dogs between the two of us.  About 5 years ago, the whole family took a trip and we boarded our dogs in a kennel (some of which have passed on since that time).  With an upcoming family vacation, we were just not comfortable with putting our dogs in a kennel – especially Tessie, a 7 year old golden retriever = who is also a certified therapy dog – we knew that would not work for her.  We checked with Laundered Mutt here in Temecula to see if they could recommend anyone – Georges Pet sitting.  After contacting George, we set an appointment for him to come out and meet our crew.  I have one basset hound who is not sure of certain people – not sure with George wasted no time getting to know him.  Meeting my daughters dogs, two of them were on his lap as soon as they were let in the home.  We were to be gone 5 days, George had called us after one day to let us know that things were going great, we all felt so comfortable decided to extend our vacation one more day.  When we got home that evening they all seemed to be so happy to be in their own home.  As my daughter says, think they were disappointed that it was us coming in and not George – he is the greatest and would recommend him very highly to anyone.” Nancy P. and Michelle M.

George, thank you so much for the extra feeding on Friday night. We didn’t even get home until almost 1:00am. You are a lifesaver! The dogs were very happy to see us and looked great. We appreciate everything you did with the trash cans, mail, newspapers and especially taking care of the dogs with their meds. Your professionalism and thoroughness is what we count on! Cori & Jeff S.

“My husband and I travel frequently and it’s always been a huge concern for us leaving our four dogs behind (two of which are quite elderly and have health issues).  We were referred to George by our vet and we no longer worry about the home front while George is in charge and on the job.  We know that he will feed, medicate and more importantly play with our dogs and keep them happy and healthy.  AND he makes sure that the homestead is cared for as well.  We recently experienced a broken sprinkler valve and what could have been a disaster for us after one week away was repaired before we arrived home.  George worked very hard to get it fixed, something that would not have happened if the dogs were in a kennel. He always remembers to take out our trash and offers to bring in mail, water plants, whatever it takes to keep things cared for while we are away.  He makes sure that our pool, grove and lawn service are in order and when we come home, the dogs are happy and our home is in perfect condition.  He even scoops the poop and cleans up any accidents the older dogs might have in the house!  We would not hesitate to refer George to anyone in his service area.” Denise & Al P.

“George with George’s Pet Sitting Services is a class act! I was referred to George by a trusted dog lover and client. Starting with our initial meeting, George was professional, helpful and sincere. He helped my 3 male beagles by taking them on walks 3 times a week, making sure they were safe, had fresh water, and a clean dog run from time to time. George also came to the rescue by feeding, walking, and playing with my boys when I was out of town or in an emergency situation. I could always rely on George to take care of my energetic boys when I wasn’t available to do so. I recommend George’s Pet Sitting Services to any pet owner who needs a helping hand with their canine family members.” Sarah S. 951-926-6776

“George is the only one we trust our little girl with; he is great. He is dependable, professional and so caring. We are lucky to have found him”! Debra G. 714-658-1059

“We don’t have any pets, but when we go on vacation we can trust George. He takes out our trash, picks up our mail, waters our plants, and keeps on eye on the house. Thank you for always being there for us.” Raj & Josephine 951-226-0905

“Thank you so much for caring for our pets. You have a very warm and deep passion for animals and it shows in your work. We appreciate your high level of care, attention and patience. We truly cannot praise you enough. We’re grateful to have you services!” Alcia S.

“George is the best petsitter I’ve ever had. He took such good care of my beagle Max that when I got home, Max didn’t show any signs of distress. He was just himself, a sign that he had been happy with George. I can only recommend his services!” Meki G.

“As a dog trainer and devoted pet owner, it is important that I trust someone to care for my animals when I can’t. I have two special needs dogs. One is reactive and the other is fearful of people. When George came to our home to meet and great, I observed how George came into the house while reading my dogs’ body language. My dogs took to him immediately, even my little fearful girl. George has always been reliable and available when we needed him. There is nothing like being able to go on vacation and not worrying about what is happening back home. George provides peace of mind for me and fun my dogs. Thank you, George, for all you!” Mindy

“It has been a pleasure having George Pfeffer as a Pet Concierge. His care in the handling of the cats is excellent. He is extremely conscientious. We remember at our first meeting he asked if it was all right to play with the cats if they were out and about. That was very nice. Not only has cared for the cats but has taken care of an invasion of ants during his service. He took it on himself to spray the ants and get rid of them and make sure that they didn’t infest the rest of the food. We were impressed! We would not hesitate to recommend George for the care of your loving pets.” Sincerely, Rod & Carol N.

“Over the past two years, George has been an indispensable part of life here at the homestead whenever I’m away whether for a day or for weeks at one stretch. I can always count on his reliable, efficient, flexible and personalized attention to any detail, in caring for an aviary full of birds and the goats here, as well as those other away from home caretaking needs whatever they might be. I never need to worry about my animals when traveling away from home if George is on the job, and that peace of mind is invaluable to me” Jack M. Jaaram Oasis Ranch

“When you need someone to care for your pets while you are gone, George is the only one I know that is insured and does home pet sitting full time! Having someone in your home requires a lot of trust, and George even invests in himself to ensure your trust! Your pets are family and I trust George to treat your pets, and your home, just like you would.” Cindy C. California Dog University 951-834-5720

“Piece of mind. Who wants to go out of town and ‘hope’ the next door kid or relatives look out for your loved ones ? George is as professional as they get and offers piece of mind! We can travel without using strange boarding kennels that charge too much and our dogs usually got sick. George is the way to go!” Taylor & Diane M. 951-970-2841

“George watched my beloved pet while we were on vacation and I felt confident that she was in the best care; this made being gone and so far from home a lot easier knowing she was in great hands and taken care of. If ever I need to be gone I will always call George!!” Kathy V.

“We are very happy to recommend George for all his pet sitting services. We have two young Dalmatians and a Jack Russell. Our Jack Russell has epilepsy and is on medication daily. If she does not receive her medication or if she gets really upset she will have several seizures a day. Our Dalmatians are very high strung and can be difficult to handle. We were very nervous the first time we went out of town. When we came home the dogs were calm, our Jack Russell was doing great and the house was in great condition. George had the Dalmatians going on play dates in no time and on one of the longer trips out of town he taught them to trot alongside his bicycle. I wish he could move to Orange County where we recently moved to, we really miss having him work with the Dalmatians.” Steve & Connie T. 949-302-3074

“If you need a dog walker/pet sitter than you need George! I was lucky enough to live in the area for one year. George was 100% reliable and committed to my two dogs, a beagle and a rat terrier. My dogs and I really miss George. You can totally feel at peace when he is caring for your dogs, as if you were doing it yourself! After a couple weeks of walking my dogs, I noticed a big improvement of how well they walked together on their leashes and how much better their behavior at home was from the vigorous walks they were getting. He was always available by phone to answer questions I had about my dogs, and was always giving me different ideas to help me manage them more effectively. When I told my dogs “Get ready George is coming”, they would get so excited and start running around the house, it was great to see how much they loved to be around him. George is great at what he does, and he comes with only my highest recommendations.” Tara D. 949-874-0448

“George, I would again like to thank you again for the kindness you have shown Lovie Ann and Hewitt during my vacation in July. They simply love you and I can tell by their reactions when I come home that they have been well taken care of. I appreciate you always being on time, your professionalism, and without a doubt your ability to communicate with my babies is extraordinary. Thank you again. Your service has allowed me to finally be able to be at ease while being away on vacation or simply just a day.” Johanna E. 951-318-7940

“I am happy to recommend George to everyone who really cares for their pet’s wellbeing. George understands exactly what my dogs require to be happy while I am away and he is meticulous in caring for my birds. My mind is at ease when I am away knowing George is taking care of my pets.” Evelyn S.

“We were very pleased with your service and the way you were always willing to help us out in a pinch. Finding someone we can trust with Stella (Lab) and Noey (cat), to treat them like we do has been a hard task. We always felt comfortable leaving our loved one’s in your care.” Kris A. 949-812-7909

“I am happy to recommend George for all pet sitting services. George has been caring for our dogs every week for the past several months. George is always reliable, completely trustworthy and I am confident my pets receive the best care. My dogs have very high energy, so they really enjoy their walks with George. I also highly recommend George’s training skills; he has the experience and patience to really help your pets. I have used many trainers in the past, but none were able to help me control my two very hyper Australian Shepherds. In just a few minutes George was able to calm both dogs and walk them together, something we haven’t been able to do for a long time! George truly loves animals and he provides the best service possible for our pets. Please feel free to call us for a recommendation. We all love George!!” Dale B. John M. Lava & Lucy 951 676-7876

“Last September I broke my wrist & needed someone to walk my 5 month old Lab puppy. I found out about George from the trainer at Laundered Mutt & was told he was very good. I have to say George is one of the most professional, reliable and conscientious people I have had the pleasure to work with. Not only did he take great care of my puppy he reinforeced her training and called when he felt she might not be feeling well. My puppy (now dog) loves George and can’t wait for their playdates. Once you use George for any of his services you will be so glad you found someone so special.” Linda P. 951-805-5742

“It is with great pleasure to offer this recommendation letter; my husband and I are absolutely elated over how you care for our two beautiful girls, Simone and Shem; our Standard Poodle and our mixed collie. Each time we have left George in charge with our pets; we would leave our home in peace and came back in peace. We have been able to enjoy our vacations, business trips and our unexpected trips knowing that our pets will be taken care of as if we were taking care of them. We are overly protective of our pets and we would pay any amount money to secure their safety, our pets are our children. We are so blessed to have found George, he is always available and willing when we call on him for help, he is truly caring, honest, understanding and takes professionalism to an all new definition, and we need more Georges in this world. One other thing I truly admire about George and appreciated just as much. My house is always the way we left it, very clean and perfect. Thank you George for all you do, we can’t thank you enough, what would we do without you? I am assuming that our vacation wouldn’t be. We thank you George from the deep parts of our hearts.” Yvonne & Chris B. 951-259-5536

“There is no one we would trust our puppy with but George. He loves Pepper and plays with him. George is so professional and at the same time he is a member of our family. He is devoted to caring for our dog and making sure he is not left alone for too long without coming and checking on him. George is very good at knowing what is best for the animal and his behavior modification is great, he has taught us alot. George checked in with me after the visit to report on our baby. George is the best!! I recommend him to everyone!” Claire I. 951-440-6569

“We wholeheartedly recommend George to take care of your pets needs. We left on a trip out of the country and were very concerned about who was going to care for our beloved dog. We had tried the doggy day care centers but promptly realized that our dog’s needs were much greater. While we were gone for 17 days, George not only cared for our dog in our own home, but also dealt with a few issues he had. We came home to a happy dog and that is priceless. His initiative and love for animals far surpassed our expectations. Thank you George!!!!” Cindy & Carlos M. 951-301-6845

“I am writing this document to show my appreciation and support for the services provided by George. We reside in Corona and have used George for approximately one year. We have two adopted Greyhounds and found that for the very first time that he interacted with them, he was capable of providing the type of services that we admire. He is punctual, reliable, and of course one of the most important items; he is very interactive with the dogs. For these reasons we are so appreciative and highly recommend his services to anyone considering the need for pet sitting services.” Kirk and Kim B.

“Since we met George, my wife and I are no longer prisoners of our home. We have three dogs (2 English Bulldogs and a Boxer) who are treated like our children and we never went on vacation until we met George. Our Boxer suffers from separation anxiety but George quickly bonded with her and began to watch our dogs as we traveled. Our three girls love the long walks, play dates, and special attention George shows them. George is a complete life saver during emergencies or last minute dinner meetings when we need him to let the girls out because we will be home late….. thank you George for taking care of our girls and being part of our family!!” Tom and Brenna D. 714-417-5085

“No worries while we were away. George visited us and our two dogs prior to our departure for a weekend getaway, just to make certain everyone was comfortable and familiar. Our dogs were at ease, which placed us at ease, so we could have a relaxing weekend. George had a remarkable mellow, yet authoritative, demeanor with our dogs. They knew who the pack leader was/is and wag their tails upon his arrival. George’s Pet Sitting Service far exceeds the service of an impersonal kennel and foreign environment for our dogs.” Armand and Debra T. 951-244-0811

“I recommend George to everyone who has pets. He takes good care of our dog and tortoise. Thank you so much George.” Bridgette M. 951-440-6796

“It is a pleasure that I submit this letter of recommendation for George’s Pet Setting Service. We have two Australian Cattle Dogs, enough said. They herd everyone they meet and sometimes even me. We were gone for 10 days George managed our dogs and cared for our home while away. When we returned from vacation; our dogs were happy and healthy they were not distant or overly anxious, we are very satisfied customers. George was able to effectively handle their playful behavior and keep them entertained, during his time with them. George was well capable of taking great care of our dogs and we are very happy to recommend George’s Pet Setting Service. We feel confident that you will also be well satisfied with George’s service. If you would like to talk to us about George’s work ethic and quality, ask George to call us with your number and we will call you back. Best regards, and Thanks again George.” Sam, Sue, Chance and Cola R.

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