Daily Visits:

I will visit your pet in your home.

What I will do during the daily visit:

  • Clean out water and food dish.
  • Replenish water and food.
  • Administering medication if necessary.
  • Clean up of waste.
  • Collection of daily mail, newspaper and outside advertisements.
  • Light watering of household plants.
  • Turn on/off lights, open/close blinds for security purposes.
  • Taking your garbage out to the curb.

me & lamb 2

Dog Walking:

We all know the benefits of walking your dog. Don’t let the tension and stress build in by having them inside all day. I come over and bond with your pet by taking them for a walk in your neighborhood, for the length of time of your choice.

Pet Taxi:

We are all busy and sometimes we don’t have time to get away or take that day off from work to make an appointment. I will be happy to taxi your pet around town for you. Whether it’s a trip to the Vet, groomer, trainer, kennel, local dog park or just pick up supplies for your pet.

Poop Scoop:

Out the door too soon or don’t have time to pick you after your pet? Not a problem. We can help. Let us take care of it and keep your home clean and sanitized for you.

House Sitting:

Planning a trip and have no one to watch over your home? Let us help give you peace of mind. I will come over, take out trash, water plants, pick up mail, etc. No one will know you are gone.

Cremation Services:

We understand that your pet is a vital part of your family and we try to help you deal with this loss. We would like to offer you peace of mind through a dignified farewell to a dear friend. Call us for more details.

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